Re: ignore(SIGPIPE) in gsm

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Sounds like gnome-session/gdm should set SIGPIPE before launching any
> external application to the *default*.  What is the default is open to
> debate, but I think that the value provided by an "xterm -ls" (login
> shell in xterm) should be it.
> What does xterm have in terms of the signal configuration?


Problem is that it doesn't set anything about SIGPIPE. Applications
usually shouldn't expect that they'll start with SIGPIPE SIG_IGNed. And
default state is SIG_DFL, unless you want to put some handler on
SIGPIPE. SIG_IGN looks like some kind of dirty hack inside gsm and also
in Orbit. From browsing panel and Orbit sources, I noticed that if I
want to safely start any program from app linked with Orbit, I have to
worry about SIGPIPE beenig ignored. Is this true, and why is it like


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