Japanese Input for GNOME

Anyone working for Japanese Input?

I've posted a message about my idea on Japanese Input to

It seems that people use XIM to input Japanese.  I think it's the
wrong thing, actually it's quite annoying sometimes.  Remember, it's
just a workaround to avoid modification of application.

Let's do the right thing.  I believe that backend model is best.  If
you have any experience with EGG of GNU Emacs, you can easily see my
point.  It's the application which knows the situation, which handles
the event, not XIM server in front of it.

It's not so big project, I think.  I'm thinking about extending text
widget and entry widget with Guile, and implement some Japanese Input
Method in Guile.  Besides, I'll implement CORBA interface of Wnn or
SJ3, the conversion server.

Anyone interested?  Anyone wanna help this project?

In case you don't know about me, I've written so-called "EGG V4" for
GNU Emacs 20, it's entirely written in Emacs Lisp.  It supports Wnn
and SJ3 conversion server.  Waiting someone writes code for MS-IME or Canna.

Well, code name should be "EGGnome".  :-)

Niibe Yutaka

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