ANNOUNCE : Gtk-- 1.0.0 is released

Gtk-- is a set of C++ bindings for GTK+ (including specific ones for
GDK) and most the Gnome widgets.

All GTK+ 1.2 widgets are wrapped, and very little functionality is
currently known missing.

The changes since last release include minor bug fixes and the
contribution of new sample code by Erdi Gergo <>.

As stated with the previous release, there are probably accessors to
the GTK+ data fields which should be added, but which aren't yet.

These will be added as GTK+ gets more thoroughly documented, in the
meanwhile, please report those you find missing. That is, if you find
yourself repeatedly typing 'Gtk_Foobar.gtkobj().some_field', just
report it to the Gtk-- mailing list so we can add a proper accessor.

Gtk-- is maintained mainly by Tero Pulkkinen <>. 
Other developpers are

- Karl Nelson <>,
- Todd Dukes <>
- Mirko Streckenbach <>,
- Guillaume Laurent <>

And too many other contributors to list them all.

It is available at :

There is also a mailing-list. To subscribe, mail to, with 'subscribe gtkmm' in the message


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