Re: minor gnumeric config problem

    Elliot> If you are violently opposed to the use of indent, then
    Elliot> recompile your ORBit, and it will fall back to using
    Elliot> /bin/cat (assuming a requirement of /bin/cat does not
    Elliot> violate the beloved GNU coding standards).

Elliot, I'm sorry if I upset you, but I assure that the issue is
purely technical.  Let me explain differently, since you are not
inclined to follow the GNU standards (which are well thought-out).

I have a Red Hat 5.2 laptop configured to have most of linux,
including what you need to program, but I did not select the "install
everything" for disk space reasons.  Somehow the Red Hat installation
process makes it easy to miss "indent", since I ended up without that

I installed the RPMs for all of GNOME, but then I went and installed
the latest gnumeric tarball, since no RPM was made yet.

So I was caught by that strange and unhelpful message, even though
what I did was quite legitimate: install GNOME from RPMs, then install
gnome-using apps from tarballs.

    Elliot> I also added 'Requires: indent' to the ORBit-devel package
    Elliot> so people will not be tripped up if they take that route
    Elliot> in the future.

That might help, but the whole thing seems unnecessary.  I would make
using "indent" be a "developer's option".  When people build packages
from source, but are not developers of that package, they will be

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