Re: guile gnome-terminal macros take 2

> Could you add a wrapper to the gnome_url function?  So that I could
 > use gnome-url to display the url on the screen?

Done.  This is really neat!  I'm now using lynx (as usual) but I can
shift-click to see the page on netscape if I really want to.  Coolness..

 > "gnome-terminal-new-window" or whatever function.  Do you have
 > something like that?

No I don't.  I just tried implementing and I noticed I'll have to copy
all of new_terminal_cmd() in gnome-terminal.c.  Should I duplicate all
this code or should I just do something like this...?

	(define (terminal-new-window)
	  (system "gnome-terminal &"))

I suppose I could just call new_terminal() since my module has access
to all of gnome-terminal.c's data right?  You'd have to change
new_terminal() to NOT be static though...

Which one should I do?


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