Re: Can a CORBA server return a pointer to a GTK+ object?

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999 09:02:44 -0500, Matthew Loper <>

>can't you do it if you know the server is collocated/inproc? 

You will still have to handle the case where the server is remote, and
then you wind up with a special-cased mess.

>on the topic, is there any way to check if a server is inproc?

There's no "CORBA_Object_server_is_same_process()", but you can use a
simple shared-secret challenge to find out with a reasonable degree of

interface MyObject {
	boolean in_proc_p(in long pid);

This would be comparing the PID of requestor & requestee, and perhaps
setting an environment variable in the client to check if it is set in the

There are, of course, ORB-specific ways to do it.
-- Elliot
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