Announcing the LibGTop Development Mailing List

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I'd like to invite you to my

This is a mailing list for people who want to help with the development
of LibGTop. It should be a low-traffic, but high content-list where we
can discuss technical details such as adding new sysdeps ports etc. 

Especially, I'd like to see people with a deeper knowledge of operating
systems internals joining my list so we can discuss technical details
of the sysdeps code.

LibGTop is a library that fetches system dependent information such as
CPU usage, Load average and information about running processes. It is
currently used in the GNOME Project ( in some of the panel
applets and the GNOME System Monitor, GTop.

Currently, I'm writing a Solaris port for it and I'd apreciate any help
I can get with it.

LibGTop already runs on Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD (NetBSD is supposed
to work, but not tested). There's also an experimental port for Digital
Unix (DEC OSF/1 V3.2C).

To join the list, you can either go to

or send a mail to

Martin Baulig - -

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