GNOME/CORBA initialization

Yup, it's yet another of my questions. :)

What's the result of calling gnome_init() more than once in the same 
application?  The reason I'm asking is that the code I'm using as an 
example for CORBA/GTK integration (control-center) uses 
gnome_CORBA_init_with_popt_table() to initialize CORBA (and 
apparently GNOME at the same time).  They presumably know that they 
shouldn't call gnome_init() elsewhere...

For mailcheck clients, my goal is to have the CORBA be transparent: 
i.e. they shouldn't even know CORBA is involved.  That means, though, 
that they will most likely call gnome_init() themselves, so I don't 
need to (or shouldn't, if the second call is bad).

Can I just use CORBA_orb_init()?  The documentation I read seemed to 
imply that that wouldn't work in a GTK-environment- is it sufficient, 
however, to call CORBA_orb_init() as long as the client also calls 
gnome_init() somewhere else? (earlier?)

Thanks for any clarification- the sequence of initializations is a 
bit baffling to me at the moment.


Russell Steinthal
<>		Columbia College Class of 1999
<>		System Administrator, AV-Network

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