ORBit blocking select()

I did a complete reinstall of GNOME from cvs yesterday, and now no CORBA
apps are working (panel & gnomecc).  They both block on a select() in
giop_check_connections() at line 1289 in ORBit/src/IIOP/connection.c

from gdb, I got the following values for the args passed to the select(): 

(gdb) p giop_connection_list.max_fd
$1 = 10
(gdb) p giop_connection_list.selectset_rd
$2 = {__fds_bits = {1792, 0 <repeats 31 times>}}
(gdb) p giop_connection_list.selectset_ex
$3 = {__fds_bits = {1792, 0 <repeats 31 times>}}

the timeval is NULL, since it gets block_for_reply=1

I don't know that this is necessarily a bug, though, it could be something
weird with my system.

Please let me know if you know why this is happening, or if this should be
posted to gnome-list or gnome-bugs-list instead.


Jacob Berkman

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggam

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