Updated GNOME FAQ prerelease on CVS

The long awaited GNOME FAQ update prerelease is now available on
CVS.  I am calling it a prerelease for two reasons:  I wanted the
developers to get a chance to point out any glaring errors before I
publicly announce it; and there are a few problems that I want help in
fixing before the formal release.

First, the major changes since the former version:
  * Added author: I am now working with Todd on the FAQ.  I expect I will
    be handling most of the mechanics and day-to-day updating of the FAQ.
    Todd will probably focus on the more design and architecture based
    questions.  Anything in between could be either of us.

  * New email address: Questions or comments on the FAQ can now be
    sent to gnomefaq@gnu.org.  This will then be bounced automatically
    to whoever is maintaining the FAQ (me, currently).

  * New file format: The FAQ is now in DocBook format, since it is
    both more flexible and more consistant with other GNOME

  * New organization: The questions having to do with getting GNOME up
    and running on your system are towards the beginning.  The more
    technical questions are towards the end.

  * And, of course: updates, new questions and bug fixes.

Now, by putting the FAQ in CVS, I'm not sending an invitation for
everyone to change the FAQ however they see fit.  It's in CVS for three
big reasons:
  * It's easier to maintain from the three separate accounts of the
    maintainers (Todd has one, I have two)
  * It makes distribution of the FAQ trivial
  * It allows developers to fix a glaring, dangerous error even if no
    maintainers are on hand

If your proposed change is not critical, please email it to the
gnomefaq@gnu.org address, even if you have CVS access.  Diff files are
happily accepted (unified, please).

Lastly, HELP!!!!

While I am sure there are thousands of little errors and problems with
the FAQ, there are two big holes that I don't have all the knowledge I
need to fill them properly.  They are both VERY frequently asked
questions, and I want them to be in the public release.  I was hoping
that by asking here, I could get enough information to put together a
properly complete answer in the FAQ.

The first doosie is "How do I start GNOME?"

Personally, I don't like graphical login screens, and I hate using
session management, so I have barely touched gnome-session or gdm.  I
just start the panel from a menu item in FVWM.  I would like this
answer to include how to set up GNOME to start with or without session
management, and with or without gdm.

The assumption should be that GNOME is installed from the latest
tarball release with an arbitrary prefix (of course with $prefix/bin
already in the binary path and $prefix/lib in the library path).
Shortcuts that are offered in one or more of the binary distribtions
might be mentioned at the end, but I want the answer to work for the
people with tarballs.

The other one is "How do I get .deb binaries of GNOME?"

Our instructions for Debian users is dangerously out of date.  Since
they were written last Fall, the Debian distribution of GNOME has
changed from being files on our FTP site to being an official part of
the debian-unstable distribution, on their FTP site.  I have never
used Debian, so I need someone who has to write step-by-step
instructions on getting the debian-unstable version of GNOME.  Then I
can use that to update the FAQ and the website.

After these two holes get filled, I'll make html, dvi and ps versions,
put them on the web and ftp site, and make a more public announcement.

Thanks alot,

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