Re: GNOME CVS: gnome-core johne

>CVSROOT:        /cvs/gnome
>Module name:    gnome-core
>Changes by:     johne   99/03/21 15:48:53
>Modified files:
>        applets/drivemount: ChangeLog drivemount.c drivemount.h 
>                            properties.c 
>Log message:
>un Mar 21 10:38:54 1999  John Ellis  <>
>* drivemount.c (dnd_set_data_cb & dnd_init): Can now drag from applet
>to gmc and gnome-terminal.

This currently defaults to copy, I would like it to prompt for
the action when dropped on gmc, is there a way to do this? (with
GDK_ACTION_ASK I must hold down the alt key before dragging)

Or at least default to link, copying a cdrom's contents is not that helpful
in most cases, but I want to keep the copy option too, just not default to

John Ellis <>

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