Re: The gnome-wm script - solution of the WM problem

Gleef <> writes:

> A few questions:
> * Is this feature new, or will this work with people running 
>   gnome-core-1.0.3 and earlier?

This feature is new. People will need the new gnome-core-1.0.5 which
Federico wants to make today or tomorrow.

> * Is there a WINDOW_MANAGER setting for the few, the insane, the people
>   who aren't running ANY window manager?  (or who have some obscure reason
>   for having gnome-session ignore the window manager issue)

It tries the following window managers:

	enlightenment icewm windowmaker fvwm2 fvwm

if none of them can be found in the user's PATH, xterm will be used.

> * Is it safe to assume that this will also work if in an ~/.xinitrc or an
>   ~/.Xclients, or is there something special about ~/.xsession and session
>   management?

It works whereever you can set an environment variable and whereever you
are starting gnome-session after that.

Martin Baulig - -

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