changing pixmap background color

        Hello everybody,

        I am coding a new applet (in a few hours it will be added to
gnome-core CVS), another_clock, that, as you may suppose is *another
clock* (but this is an analog clock. Btw, how is classics clock
named in English (those with needles)?

        The applet basically draws the xpm clock image on a drawing area

        My problem is the following: I can't do a
'gdk_window_draw_back(pixmap, color)' on the GdkPixmap when I try to
change the background color (that is, the color I've left as background in
the xpm file).

        Do you have any idea?

        I look at the generic applet, but it has a very complicated way
to do that (with imlib functions). I am searching for a simple solution.

	The question could be redone as 'why can I change a concrete color
of a pixmap?'

                        Iņigo Serna

PD:     You can view the source of the applet in gnome-core CVS in the
        another_clock directory.

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