New Project Proposal (or not..)

Stephen Rust writes:
 > My Proposal is to create a GUI Editor for SGML based documents.  The
 > editor should take info in Cees de Groot's sgml editor white paper, and be
 > able to give basic functionality to begin with, sprouting into whatever it
 > can be used for.

There's a project currently ongoing that is doing exactly this.  But
it looks like it a Proprietary piece of software.  It's actually based 
on next geenration Mozilla.  Information about it is available on the
main Mozilla.ORG page: the project is named DocZilla developed by
CITEC. should work.

The best project for what you want to do would be to do a free
equivalent also based on Mozilla.

But let's get back to GNOME.  If you want another interesting project
that would benefit to GNOME:

  * develop CORBA bindings for the next-generation Mozilla, so that it
    can be integrated as GNOME help-system and in many other places in 
    GNOME.  I think its feasible to start this from the ActiveX
    Control for Mozilla (using it as a example of how to interact with 
    Mozilla internals).

Read you later, Laurent.
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