Troubles with corba


I've run into a little problem and am pretty stumped.  I first make this
call (from the client):

		  &params, &ev);

Then in that function I call this (from the server):

GUNC_Client_login_cb(corba_client, GNOME_OBJECT(server)->object, 
		     CORBA_FALSE, "Incorrect password", ev);

Now when the implementation of this function is called on the client, it
gets passed 120 and "" instead of CORBA_FALSE (0) and "Incorrect
password". If I break in the implemented function, I notice something odd:

#0  impl_GUNC_Client_login_cb (servant=0x808c678, corba_server=0x808df34, 
    success=0 '\000', errmsg=0xbffff608 "", ev=0x4041e39c)
    at gunc-client.c:106
#1  0x4001db5f in _ORBIT_skel_GUNC_Server_login (_ORBIT_servant=0x808c678, 
    _ORBIT_recv_buffer=0x808b7e0, ev=0xbffff608, 
    _impl_login=0x80498dc <impl_GUNC_Client_login_cb>) at

Why is _ORBIT_skel_GUNC_Server_login being called???
_ORBIT_skel_GUNC_Client_login_cb is the function that should be called.
This is stuff internal in ORBit (orbit-idl stuff), it seems.  Also,
ev->_major is 252020 in the impl_ function, which seems pretty weird to

Of course, I might not be passing CORBA objects around correctly, but I
think I am.

If anyone has an idea of what (if anything) I am doing wrong, or if it
looks like an ORBit bug, please let me know.

Jacob Berkman

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggam

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