gnome-libs sound

To whoms its mays concerns:

I was looking at making the sound work on Solaris for the apps that
seem to have sound. I've already looked at and fixed and made work
code in libaudio, esd, and enlightenment, all of which had bigendian
problems. Now, I'm looking at gnome-libs-1.09 and some of the games
that seem outfitted for sound yet are silent on Solaris. Since I don't
have linux on a pc, I can't judge for sure if the games have yet made
any sounds. Do they?

I trace the problem back to the server, which seems to be expected by
games like gnibbles, to have their sounds already cached. Right now,
the esd server just returns a -1 to the getid and the sound isn't
played. I looked up the code in the triggers part of libgnome, and
it seems like the part that loads sound files is commented out.

Am I missing something? Could somebody explain how the sound in gnome
apps is supposed to be architected, and what the current state of the
sound interface is?


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