Re: gnome-libs sound


Have you put these fixes back into CVS, or do you have diffs I can apply?

I'm having serious problems with E dieing with SIGPIPEs on Solaris 7 and 8 right 
now, since I found libaudiofile was working on Solaris again.  I'm having to 
keep audio switched off to keep E running =O(  Sometimes it plays a few sounds, 
but after at most 3, it dies.

I've posted twice to the E-develop and Gnome lists about it (bith backtraces and 
code segments) with no responses =O(

Any hints as to why I'm still getting problems with Enlightenment playing sounds 
on Solaris?  My CVS cut is a couple of weeks old now (problems at the JimPick 
FTP site, and no CVS through the company firewall) but I don't see any comments 
from you on the ChangeLog at =OZ

Any help much appreciated,

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