Gnocatan 0.24 released - last one for a while (I hope)

I just realised that I should have posted this to gnome-devel as
This release is significant in that all known "fatal" bugs have been
fixed.  There are some things you can do in the setup phase which
might confuse you, but they can be fixed by using the Undo button.  I
am working on those next, they are not showstoppers.

I am fairly sure that I have finally found and fixed the long standing
"dropped message" bug that was described on the homepage.  The bug was
finally reproduced.  Someone was running a server in the UK, my friend
and I connected to that server, along with someone from Italy.  There
was enough packet loss between the UK and Australia so that we saw
(and logged) the bug.  There is more detail on my homepage in the News
section if you are interested.

So, for all people who want to give the game a try - go grab a copy
from the homepage.  There are .deb packages available too.  I will
apply to become a Debian developer once I can get some ID scanned (and
work out how to use PGP).

If you install from source, make sure you ./configure --prefix=? it
with the same prefix that has been used for Gnome.  It uses the Gnome
API to locate pixmap and data files, so the prefix must match the one
that Gnome expects for those files.

Miguel offered to help me get this game up on the Gnome FTP site, he
went globe trotting before I was ready to place it in such a visible
place.  If anyone else would like to tell me the procedure, it would
be appreciated.

- Dave

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