Incomplete docs in gnome-libs

hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea when the docs will be completed for gnome-libs?

For example, within the gnomeUI docs, gnome-init and gnome-popup-menu have
no one line description.... The online docs on the web site have the same
problem.. they say: "one-line description goes here".

This might seem like a trivial thing, but it is very frustrating for a
developer who is trying to find what useful things to use within the gnome

Forgive me if my html has not been generated correctly, but if not we are
up to gnome-libs 1.0.9... I think it's about time..

ps: this has been my only annoyance with gnome. Other than that it's been
stable/fast/great to use.
Wayne Schuller - BSc. (Computer Science) Network Administrator
Centre for Health Program Evaluation - Austin Repat Hospital - Heidelberg.
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