Gnome Workshop Project

GNOME Workshop Project: A Productivity Suite for the GNOME Desktop

A number of GNOME productivity applications are in advanced stages of

 + Gnumeric, an Excel-like spreadsheet
 + gwp, go: Not one, but two word processors!
 + Dia, a diagram editor similar to Visio
 + Guppi, a powerful plot program
 + gnome-db, a database frontend (and a backend API)
 + gnome-pim, a personal information manager (calendar and address book)
 + Electric Eyes, an image viewer similar to XV
 + Genius, a scientific calculator inspired by Matlab and BC

In addition, there are some exciting outside projects written in Gtk:

 + The GIMP, an image processing program
 + Mozilla
 + AbiWord, yet another word processor
 + GYVE, the GNU vector editor based on Display PostScript

And at least one project that's just getting started:
 + Achtung, a PowerPoint-like presentation program

GNOME Project Leader Miguel de Icaza has nearly completed Bonobo, a
framework for embeddable software components. Combined with ORBit,
GNOME's fast and light CORBA 2.2 object request broker, we have a
complete architecture for application interaction and integration.
The GNOME Project's application development framework also includes a
DOM-inspired document model, printing/font framework, XML library,
file metadata (including MIME types), and extension language support.

The GNOME Workshop Project is an effort to coordinate this massive
array of software functionality. We will be working to integrate
already-completed applications with one another, and with the GNOME
environment. The goal is to provide the free software world with the
applications people mean when they say there are no applications for
GNU or BSD systems. We will also be providing a powerful set of tools
for developing new applications.

Anyone willing to write code or documentation is encouraged to join
the project and start hacking. We need people to export application 
functionality via CORBA, and add GNOME features when they are

Follow GNOME Workshop's progress at:

Interested developers are encouraged to join our mailing list; mail: 
with 'subscribe' in the subject.

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