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Havoc Pennington <> el día Mon, 17 May 1999 17:14:04 -0400 
(EDT), escribió:

>GNOME Workshop Project: A Productivity Suite for the GNOME Desktop
>A number of GNOME productivity applications are in advanced stages of
> + Gnumeric, an Excel-like spreadsheet
> + gwp, go: Not one, but two word processors!
> + Dia, a diagram editor similar to Visio
> + Guppi, a powerful plot program
> + gnome-db, a database frontend (and a backend API)
> + gnome-pim, a personal information manager (calendar and address book)
> + Electric Eyes, an image viewer similar to XV
> + Genius, a scientific calculator inspired by Matlab and BC
>In addition, there are some exciting outside projects written in Gtk:
> + The GIMP, an image processing program
> + Mozilla
> + AbiWord, yet another word processor
> + GYVE, the GNU vector editor based on Display PostScript
>And at least one project that's just getting started:
> + Achtung, a PowerPoint-like presentation program

don't forget Cheops, a simil HP OpenView (is so wonderfull !)
maybe someone (Havoc ?) can convince Mark Spencer to put it
in Gnome cvs :)

>GNOME Project Leader Miguel de Icaza has nearly completed Bonobo, a
>framework for embeddable software components. Combined with ORBit,
>GNOME's fast and light CORBA 2.2 object request broker, we have a
>complete architecture for application interaction and integration.
>The GNOME Project's application development framework also includes a
>DOM-inspired document model, printing/font framework, XML library,
>file metadata (including MIME types), and extension language support.
>The GNOME Workshop Project is an effort to coordinate this massive
>array of software functionality. We will be working to integrate
>already-completed applications with one another, and with the GNOME
>environment. The goal is to provide the free software world with the
>applications people mean when they say there are no applications for
>GNU or BSD systems. We will also be providing a powerful set of tools
>for developing new applications.
>Anyone willing to write code or documentation is encouraged to join
>the project and start hacking. We need people to export application 
>functionality via CORBA, and add GNOME features when they are
>Follow GNOME Workshop's progress at:
>Interested developers are encouraged to join our mailing list; mail:
>with 'subscribe' in the subject.

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