Re: Window Manager compliance wrote:
> I would suggest, rather than starting the WMs config program from
> the Gnome control center, that the gnome compliant WMs export a set of
> configurable options _to_ the Gnome control center.

E has a commandline tool right now, 'eesh', that could handle
this.  You can call it with various parameters to change
backgrounds, etc.  Perhaps Control Center could access these WM
functions through WM-specific wrappers.  Thus, if you send a
"SetBackground" command to E, the E-wrapper would translate it
into an eesh command; if you send the same command to iceWM, the
iceWM-wrapper would translate it into a format that iceWM
understands (whatever that may be).

> I'm personally not up on the whole corba scene, so I don't know whether it
> would be the right way to attack something like this.  Maybe some extra
> wm-hints are enough.

No, CORBA won't do.  You would have to wire CORBA directly into
the window manager, and that's an added dependency that would
scare most if not all WM's away from being GNOME compliant. 
However, through the wrapper method, if a WM did choose to
support CORBA-based configuration, you could write a CORBA
wrapper for it....


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