Re: Window Manager compliance

> > That's a nice idea, but in reality Gnome compliance demands deep changes
> > to
> > the way a window manager behaves. To comply, existing window managers
> > have
> > to be patched or rewritten. I'm simply suggesting that one of the many
> > features which Gnome compliance should include is that the window
> > manager
> > should ignore the desktop background.
>By doing this, you remove the possibility of the GNOME-compliant window
>manager to really be used independent of GNOME.  that's important.  People
>should not be locked into one or the other.  A, B, or AB: your choice.
>That's what GNU is all about.

Fair enough, if the WM authors want to include this kind of thing as an 
option which can be switched on or off, that's up to them. For example, 
icewm can be compiled with or without Gnome support. I'm sure E would use a 
desktop button to switch Gnome support on or off. ;) Other WM authors may 
decide to support Gnome exclusively, just as some have decided not to 
support it at all.

I'm not saying that users should have to make a lifelong choice between X 
and Gnome, but if it's just a question of editing your config files... you'd 
have to do that anyway to switch from X to Gnome.

Michael Rogers

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