Re: Window Manager compliance

>On Thu, May 20, 1999 at 10:27:04AM -0700, Michael Rogers wrote:
> > *I* like that in a WM! I want my WM to be as small as possible. My point 
> > that either Gnome or another program needs to provide this feature, but 
> > both.
>That's just stupid! What's the use of your WM being small if other
>programs take up the space?!?!

Of course I'm not saying, "move the feature from one place to another to 
save space". That would be stupid. I'm saying "remove duplication of the 
feature to save space".

> > That's a nice idea, but in reality Gnome compliance demands deep changes 
> > the way a window manager behaves. To comply, existing window managers 
> > to be patched or rewritten. I'm simply suggesting that one of the many
> > features which Gnome compliance should include is that the window 
> > should ignore the desktop background.
>Why remove functionality from a program that already handles that
>exellently, just to implement the functionality somewhere else
>and introduce all kinds of new bugs?!?!

The functionality is already implemented in Gnome, and I haven't heard any 
bug reports.

Michael Rogers

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