Re: Coming proposal (was: Window Manager compliance)

> 	I believe the background, screensaver, desktop event sounds, etc.
> should be handled by Gnome.
> 10) File Management  (we should enforce the use of gmc)
No!  gmc crashes constantly for me!  Don't know why!
Of course, this is temporary I'm sure...but "we should enforce the use of"
makes me nervous anyway.

> disagree with this idea (and why)?

I wouldn't disagree, per se, except to caution that anything that the
window manager is *required* to turn off for gnome should be able to be
turned back on by the user.  Why?  Sometimes, the WM simply does a better
job than gnome, and a user who knows they're doing won't want to be
restricted by requirements like that.  For example, E allows different
desktop backgrounds for each virtual desktop, something which the Gnome
control panel doesn't do (as far as I know).

Stephen Quattlebaum

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