Re: Session problems (again)

Richard Hult <> writes:

> There have been many people reporting about session problems. Does anyone
> actually know what the problem really is?
> The symptoms are that the session takes forever to start and end, and then
> when you start any gnome app, you get a message like this:
> GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:
> Authentication Rejected, reason : MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 authentication
> rejected.
> The thing that happens before the actual WARNING is shown is that the app
> reads the file ~/.ICEauthority.
> Sometimes it can be solved by removing ~/gnome/session.
> This happened to me when running the gnome version that comes with RH6.0,
> but also with the latest version of everything from anoncvs. 


The problem was that after an unclean shutdown the authorization record was
not removed from the ~/.ICEauthority.

Next time you started gnome-session it _appended_ a new authorization record
to the file - under the rare condition (but this happens if there are enough
stale authorization records in that file) that we're using the same socket id
than any of those stale records, application connecting to the session manager
used the old record (since it came first in the file) instead of the new one
and were denied access.

I added a new static function startup_clean_ice () to gsm/ice.c which is called
on startup which tries to remove the entry first before it adds it to the file.

So this problem is now fixed in CVS.

Martin Baulig - -

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