Re: OFF-TOPIC: Here we go again

At 07:12 AM 5/21/99 Friday, Derek Simkowiak wrote:
>    Gnome developers,
>	I happen to also be subscribed to one of the KDE mailing lists,
>and this recently came acrossed it.
>	Not that we don't all have better things to do, but if you feel
>the need, go vote for your favorite environment (Gnome, right?).
Not really.  I use a lot of gnome-applications, because they often have
a nicer outfit and more functionality than comparable KDE-applications
(which is of course not true for all).  But the KDE as desktop-environment
is much more stable and handier to use than Gnome itself (regardless
if used with Enltmt or Windowmaker).  Therefore I try to use the best of
both worlds.  However, i have the opinion, that instead of wasting their
energy in flame-wars against each other and developing the same applications
two times more or less efficiently, it would be A LOT better if both worlds
Gnome and KDE would find a way to combine their development efforts.
  A start could be for example to make kwm gnome-aware (as one recently
recommended on a kde-list).  A combined effort would be a big push forward
for the entire Linux-community.
My 2c, Herbert

PS: Make love, not war (John Lennon)
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