Applet reorganization RFC

There was some discussion on irc about reorganizing applets, both in the
directory structure in the panel menu, and in their position in cvs. I'm
putting these out to see if there is any consensus or other ideas out
there, not because I will be making these changes myself. 

For the panel menu, it seems that a clock subdirectory of utilities is
definitely in order, (really guys, how about coding some thing nobody
else is doing, like an irc client?) Also, perhaps it would make sense to
have a "System" directory, which would be congruent to the system
directory in the main menu. Drive mount, (maybe printer applet, any
others?) could be moved into it from Utilities. Perhaps "Monitors" could
be folded into or be a subdirectory of System.

There was a feeling that applets, with possibly a few important
exceptions, should be moved out of gnome-core. For bug tracking
purposes, the current situation makes Miguel, as gnome-core maintainer,
responsible for notifying applet authors if an applet bug is reported.
This is not (IME) happening, nor should it be expected to be; I'm sure
Miguel is busy enough as it is. One possibility is to move them into a
seperate "applets" module. Alternatively, we could move them into
related modules: e.g. modemlights to gnome-network, life to gnome-games,
&c. Since the new ppp applet is already in gnome-network, this would
seem more logical then leaving related applets in different modules.

Thoughts anyone?

Alexandre Muņiz

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