Re: Macros in cvs modules

> Right now every package on cvs that needs to use Gnome's autoconf
> macros has to include the virtual macros/ subdirectory.  This is
> inconsistent with the way .m4 files work elsewhere, where they are
> picked from $(prefix)/share/aclocal and similar.  Also, the Gnome .m4
> files are not installed on the system, so third party programs cannot
> use our nice Autoconf macros.

Yes, I think I have mentioned this in the past.

> I think the Gnome packages that contain .m4 files should install them
> in the standard location, just like Gtk+ does.  Also, the other
> modules should be made to read the macros from there, not from the
> macros/ directory.

I agree entirely.  We should fix this problem.  The sooner the better.


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