panel patch


I've done a little patch for the panel.  It implements a feature requested
in gnome bug #1301 (being able to add an item to the panel menu from the
panel, without using gmenu).  Also now you can delete an item too.  

Also in this patch is a bug fix.  If you have a menu applet and the
contents of its directory were changed (either with the feature I added,
or with gmenu) it would not display the menu the first time you clicked on

I plan to add submenu adding/deleting either tonight or tomorrow.

The one thing left after that would be reordering via DND.  That will
probably be a bit more complicated.

I'd appreciate it if people could look at the patch and test it.  I put it


Jacob Berkman

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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