Palm Pilot/Gnome Card/Gnome Calender

To whom it may concern:

	First off, it is my nature to jump in and do what is needed, but NUE
Order project and work have my hands way too full (not to mention some
odd hacking on irssi).  I will help as soon as I can get NUE Order
wrapped up and finish up some things at work (both by this weekend or
next I believe).

	I was shown a palm pilot IIIx tonight and I realized this would be a
useful tool for me.  I also have planned to use it in a project I am
likely to be hired for in a month or so.

	My questions are these:  Gnome Calendar -- does it journal changes
(including deletions)?  Gnome Card -- same question!  Has anyone hacked
a pilot sync (where you just press that button on the cradle and it
starts to sync things up)?  Has anyone done any preliminary work so
individual apps can sync?  Are there any docs/plans/ideas on how to go
about doing this with the more simple programs such as calendar and

	I ask because I do want this done.  When I have a moment and get to
learn gnome/gtk etc. a little more, I want to help out as well.  Please
cc me in all responses.

Thank you,
Trever Adams

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