Re: GnomeUIInfo structs for toolbars - only supports buttons?

There is nothing in the GnomeUIInfo system that would prevent extending it
to allow you to add an arbitrary widget to a toolbar (maybe set type to
GNOME_APP_UI_WIDGET, and set more_info to the actual widget).  Currently,
there is no support for this, but it is not impossible to add in the

If you need something like this, we can probably add it in the 1.1
development cycle.

James Henstridge.


On Sat, 29 May 1999, Damon Chaplin wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently adding support for Gnome to the Glade GUI builder.
> When writing the source code to create toolbars, I was intending to
> output GnomeUIInfo structs. However, it seems that you can only add
> toolbar buttons to the toolbar using these. There is no way to add
> other widgets. Is that correct?
> Should I forget about using GnomeUIInfos, or limit toolbars to
> buttons?
> I know there aren't many other widgets that people would want to
> add to toolbars at present, but there probably will be some in
> future, so I'd rather not limit the toolbar to buttons.
> I don't think toolbar GnomeUIInfo structs pick up any
> settings (like the menu items do), so its not a big problem to do
> without them.
> Damon
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