Re: Gnome-Bugs and SMTP

I checked it out through LXR (since I don't have CVS at uni and my comp 
ain't "properly" set-up at home).

I like the idea of it using the GnomeDruid widget ;) I was contemplating 
of using that to make it easier for the user. But good job on making use 
of it here :)

Anyway, I might do one for a different purpose, you fill in the fields, 
and it 'generates' a .txt file with the bug report so you can mail it 
using your own method - this is more desirable for me, since I use Linux 
at home which at the moment doesn't have net access, so I have to take my 
bug reports to a windows box and do it there (not that I've filed any, 
too complex through a standard client)

This might server my purpose so I can cut&paste into windows :) 
(ironically, I have to telnet into an OpenVMS system and login to use 
Pine for my email) :)

On 31 Oct 1999, Jacob Berkman wrote:

> Ali Abdin <> writes:
> > I was interested in writing a program (through glade) that would replace 
> > the gnome-bugs script and actually be a Graphical Gnome Bugs Interface. 
> I'm already working on this...
> It's in cvs, module bug-buddy.
> Doesn't mean you shouldn't work on one, though.  :)
> Jacob
> -- 
> "Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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