Re: Gnome-Bugs and SMTP

> I was interested in writing a program (through glade) that would replace 
> the gnome-bugs script and actually be a Graphical Gnome Bugs Interface. 
> Anyway, I think the actual making of the GUI is the easy part. The 
> difficult part is: How do I send the data off to

Wow!  This is something that has been on my head for some time, I am
glad you decided to work on this.

> I have not been able to find some sort of SMTP library out there on the 
> internet. Is there anything somebody can point me to. 

I do not know of any SMTP library, but I suggest that you just use the
system's sendmail program to send the mail.

There are many reasons: but I think the most important is that if you
use sendmail, and you are disconnected from the network, the message
will still be queued for delivery when the machine connecst to the

Also, various sites might have special firewalls and mail hubs for
mail delivery, so it is better to go that way.

If you want to see a routine that can send mail from a GNOME
application, look in gnome-pim/gncal/gnome-cal.c, check the
"mail_notify" function.


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