KCron port to Gnome?

I am the author of KCron, a KDE GUI to crontab.  I have just release
0.5; it is relatively functionally complete.  Should be in KDE 2.0.  See for more information if interested.

I am interested in doing a Gnome port.  In fact, I have been from the
beginning.  I have used a document/view architecture and only about half
of the code uses KDE and Qt and consequently needs to be actually
ported.  The other half, my "CT" library, can be re-used.  The reusable
code is written in C++ and uses STL as well as templates.  So I am
interested in doing the Gnome port in C++.

I have reviewed Gtk+, Gtk--, wxWindows, Gnome's web site, etc., but I
have some questions...

Which C++ API should I use for developing a Gnome application?
Which is most commonly used in Gnome?
Which has best Gnome (not just Gtk+) support?
Which is released most frequently?
Which is best documented?
Which is least buggy today?
Which has the best sample Gnome application?

If you could point me to a C++ Gnome sample application that shows how
to do the following, I would be greatly accelerated and quite grateful:
- menus
- keyboard acceleration
- toolbars
- saving and retrieving configuration information (such as for geometry
management across sessions)
- status bar
- right mouse click menu
- message box
- dialog example

If you are interested in working on this with me, please let me know.
The amount of code to be ported is about 2,500 lines.  A good sample
application could get me about 1/3 the way there!

FYI, the KCron 0.5 announcement is below.

Please reply to gary@meyer.net.


BTW, I have no interest in discussing Gnome vs. KDE.  Just interested in
being a cross-developer.

-- Gary

KCron is an application for scheduling programs to run in the
background.  It is a graphical user interface to crontab and cron, the
Unix system scheduler.

New features as of 0.5:
- Significantly improved distribution package
- Source code moved from from kdenonbeta  to kdeadmin
- "Run now"
- Various minor bug fixes

Other features:
- Read/write crontab file
- Display natural language description, such as "At 10:00PM, every Sun"
- Display and edit environment variables and tasks
- Provide icons, toolbar, status bar, and resizing window
- Enable/disable environment variable or task
- Provide editing of all users' crontabs and system crontab for root
- Cut/copy/paste
- Right mouse click, context-sensitive menu
- Determination of KDE icons for KDE tasks

See for more information including

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