Re: KCron port to Gnome?

>  I am interested in doing a Gnome port.  In fact, I have been from the
>  beginning.  I have used a document/view architecture and only about half
>  of the code uses KDE and Qt and consequently needs to be actually
>  ported.  The other half, my "CT" library, can be re-used.  The reusable
>  code is written in C++ and uses STL as well as templates.  So I am
>  interested in doing the Gnome port in C++.
>  I have reviewed Gtk+, Gtk--, wxWindows, Gnome's web site, etc., but I
>  have some questions...
>  Which C++ API should I use for developing a Gnome application?

You can use GTK-- or the plain C API.

>  Which is most commonly used in Gnome?

The C API.  The majority of code in GNOME is written in C.  There are
some big programs written in C++, though, like Abiword and Guppi.

>  Which has best Gnome (not just Gtk+) support?


>  Which is released most frequently?
>  Which is best documented?

I have no idea.

>  Which is least buggy today?

I would assume GTK--, but don't quote me on that.  Karl has been
tracking GNOME fairly closely.

Good luck,


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