RE: Clipboard and Drag and Drop.

> But... (AFAICT) it is stored in a buffer in the x server, which means
> that the clipboard cannot persist between x sessions or be used outside
> of x. It would be nice to have the option to use clipboards that have
> been saved to a file. 

But you have allready got a lot of applications that can do that. They does
not have nice pictures, but they work - at least with text.
I'm thinking of xclipboard, xselection etc...

> Also, you cannot store arbitrary metadata about the contents of a

Yes you can.
You can declare a special atom for "metadata descriptions", and use a common
protocol for the data.
( If you want a binary protocol that fits into a clipboard buffer, and that
can deal with any data, recursively, then I've got one. Otherwise, you could
use XML as the "common protocol" )

> clipboard, and while it is possible to have multiple clipboard buffers,
> there is no standard way of keeping track of those buffers. I think that
> a gconf based system for keeping track of clipboards would be useful for
> both of these purposes. I posted before on some possibilities for using
> clipboards with some types of metadata beyond what is available with x
> selections. Note that this system could use both x selections and file
> based clipboards as backends in a manner transparent to applications
> using them by saving the kind of clipboard in the clipboard metadata.

When was this?
I believed that I had heard all Clipboard discussions in this list... :)

> I have nothing against x selections, but I think more can be done on top
> of and around what already exists.

( Like, DnD to and from the clipboard? ;)

What are you thinking of?
I think I need to read your proposal.

// Liss

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