Panel Configure

I just installed the gnome-core  1.1, gnome-libs 1.0.54, and
gnome-applets 1.1 RPMs from, and there is a slight
problem with panel configuration.  When I select Global Properties, the
GNOME control center opens up, but with no "capplet" (is that what
they're called?) is selected, and I see no options that have anything to
do with the panel.  I'd like to change the background pixmap for the
lock screen button... ;-)

Other than that, the updates are AWESOME!  I love them!

Sean Middleditch

P.S.  The Deskguide applet STILL crashes with a couple of "invalid
window" messages.  Am I the ONLY person who gets these?  I can run it
fine with a clean install of RedHat, but either after updating my gnome
RPMs or configurign my desktop, it starts crashing.

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