Re: Component on a pixmap.

On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 12:11:13PM +1030, NotZed wrote:
> There is, but it isn't compiled in by default, and can only be used
> to load from a Window (not a Pixmap!).
> Oh, it is also VERY SLOOOOOOOOOOW.
> Does gdkrgb contain complement functions which will unconvert pixmaps
> back into RGB data?  Not that I can see ... are there plans for this
> somewhere?
> This is something imlib does, that we will need if gdkpixbuf is to
> replace it :(

I just stole the one from gdk-pixbuf and stuck it in the panel until
gdk-pixbuf has it compiled.  It works reasonably well for the panel, I guess
we could just peek in how imlib was doing it as that wasn't actually that bad
in terms of performance


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