Re: gdk-pixbuf port status, help wanted

On Sun, 7 Nov 1999, NotZed wrote:
> I'll do this.  One thing I need to know though - how do you create
> a gdkpixbuf from an existing X pixmap?
> e.g. for transparency with shading I need to snarf the root pixmap,
> and then do some processing on it, then convert it to a pixmap to
> render it.

I don't think gdk-pixbuf has that function yet - probably easy to copy the
Imlib code, if nothing else. (Havoc listens for the sound of Federico

IIRC Owen said he might even take this function for GdkRGB in Gdk 1.4, but
I may recall wrong. Maybe he said he'd take the
snarf-pixmap-and-do-alpha-composite function, but that function includes
this simpler function. :-)


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