Re: Cavas Performance

Harold Campbell wrote:

> Sean Middleditch wrote:
> >
> > Hmm... I can't seem to find any documentation on doing this.  Could you
> > perhaps give me a small code snippet so I could see how, or point me to some
> > documentation on GdkRGB.  And if you tell me it's in Havoc's book, I'm going
> > to feel very stupid, because it's currently my favorite programming book...
> > ;-)
> It surely do be there. ;) Last section of this page.
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> Harold
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OK, this doesn't seem to be enough information for my poor, scrambled mind...

I made a GtkDrawingArea widget and stuck that in my app.  Is that the right
widget?  And if it is, exactly how do I copy RGP data to it?  Is there a known
program that does this (besides the GIMP: I have no want of sorting through
all THAT, much less downloading all THAT).

Thanks again,
Sean Middleditch

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