gnome_config_set_vector compile warnings

I have:

gint argcp = g_list_length(boardUser);
gchar **users = g_malloc(sizeof(gchar *) * argcp);
gnome_config_set_vector(pathuser->str, argcp, users);

but when compiling:
ldata.c: In function `putLboardUsers':
ldata.c:305: warning: passing arg 3 of `_gnome_config_set_vector' from
incompatible pointer type

And everythings works fine... I don't understand why this warning, and I
hate warnings :-)

How do I have to make this correctly?

Aldrin.            "Caution! Under no circumstances confuse the mesh with the
Area de Ingenieria  interleave operator, except under confusing circumstances!"
CEC U.Chile         The INTERCAL Programming Language Revised Reference Manual

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