Why not to split gmc and other gnome applications into threads?

This is something people would find very attractive in GNOME and GMC in
The other day I was using GMC and when I pressed on a big tgz archive
for looking into it, GMC because responseless because it wasn't able to
redraw itself. Even more, it wasn't able to redraw the icons on the
desktop (because the icons depends on GMC and GMC was opening the big
tgz file)...
So it could be nice (like I think it's in Windows) that GMC and other
GNOME (even GTK) applications split themselves into threads. So for
example GMC could have a thread to redraw the icons on the desktop each
5 seconds or so, another thread could redraw the tree of directories on
the left and other to redraw the icons of files on the right.
Even more nice would be to make these threads callable for every GNOME
application, so that every application could have a little GMC into
itself if it needed it.

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