Re: Why not to split gmc and other gnome applications into threads?

> I think it would be better to have each gmc window as a separate process.
> Ok that would be a little bit more expensive, but it would pay. They could
> then communicate with some back-end that coordinated them. Then any app
> would be able to connect to that back-end and ask it to fire up a
> gmc-window, or icon-box (As in the root-window case) inside some of (its)
> (existing) X window... That, I think would be much easier to implement,
> since it would only requere to replace all code in gmc that handles the
> creation of a new window, with some backend-communication code, and to
> create a back-end.

GMC won't be supported in GNOME 2.0. 
There is a replacement under work. check gnome-fm on
This module relies on the gnome-vfs and bonobo modules if
I remember well.

gnome-fm uses gnome-vfs which is threaded which means that the 
problem mentionned at the begening of this thread would disepear..


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