Email library/API

Does a gnome email library/API exist?

Im working on a few general purpose email libs/API, and I was wondering
if this was a duplicate effort.. and if not, if anyone would be
interested in something like this in gnome...

So far, everything is done in C (although a C++ wrapper might come along

I am working on functions for RFC compliant POP3/APOP, and SMTP access
(IMAP in the works).. along with a small wrapper API for generic
(almost, you sill must specify the protocol type,.. ) mail server access
( To make it easier for email clients to be protocol independent ).

If work on something like this has already been done, I would love to
hear about it. So far, most of my work was to try and make sure
everything is RFC complaint, so it would not be a big deal if someone
else already has something like this in GNOME. If something like this
does not exist, I think it would help a lot for people trying to write
email clients/checkers/whatever for gnome. That and having a standard
API for this sort of thing helps a lot,.. only one set of functions
needs to be maintained.

Just a few thoughts.


BTW: Im also working on a gnome based Email client,.. its fairly alpha
and will probably get a total rewrite (as, I've been using glide.. and
Im starting to find it restrictive... although it does make for damn
impressive gui work)

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