Re: Email library/API

> > Any chance that it will interoperate with exchange servers and outlook
> > calendaring?  That would rule.  
> It is the goal, but we need information on whatever protocol Outlook
> uses with Exchange.  Do you happen to know?

Not offhand.  However it should be possible.  There are a number of
commercial programs for Unix that might do such a thing.  Also it would be
very very interesting if we somehow combined this stuff with Hylafax's
ability to do alpha-numeric pages.  Then we have a world class environment
that can page people with appointments/important events through

Anybody working on a backend of something like that?  Or can we use
Hylafax as a codebase.  I'm not sure if it's GPL or not but that might be
a good project.  (not me, I don't know enough about this stuff)  

> If you do not, could you browse and try to snatch the
> information and put it in a nice tarball for developers to download?

I think I can try do that.

> > We are converting to outlook here and us
> > unix guys are going to be using fetchmail.  But if something like this is
> > going to happen that would be great.
> Well, my company is doing part of the work.  If you want to fund part
> of the development, we will be happy to take the money :-)

An interesting proposition.  I'll see what I can do.  I've long been
petitioning that our company give donations to GNU software project as we
depend on some of these tools to do our business.


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