Re: Email library/API said:
// Not offhand.  However it should be possible.  There are a number of
// commercial programs for Unix that might do such a thing.  Also it
// would be very very interesting if we somehow combined this stuff with
// Hylafax's ability to do alpha-numeric pages.  Then we have a world
// class environment that can page people with appointments/important
// events through gnomecal.
This is a something I wanted for Evolution. Please take a look at the camel
library. There is a generic CamelMedium class intended to be subclassed
by specific media. I think we could have a CamelAplhaPage class :)

// Anybody working on a backend of something like that?  Or can we use
// Hylafax as a codebase.  I'm not sure if it's GPL or not but that might
// be a good project.  (not me, I don't know enough about this stuff)  
You may want to join gnome-mailer-list then.
This is the place where we discuss Evolution design.


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