Gdk-pixbuf 0.4 is released

Dear lovers of enabling technologies,

Version 0.4 of the Gdk-pixbuf library has been released.  This
version has lots of nifty new features.

* Availability:

* Changes in this version:

	- New interface for progressive and application-driven loading
          of images.  The GdkPixbufLoader class lets you feed a loader
          with bits of data from an image file, and it will parse the
          data construct a GdkPixbuf for you (Havoc, Jonathan,
          Federico, DrMike, Elliot).

	- Completely new file and progressive loaders for PNG, JPEG,
          TIFF, PNM, GIF, XPM, and RAS (Havoc, Jonathan, DrMike,

	- New canvas item to display pixbufs, GnomeCanvasPixbuf.  It
          supports full affine transformations in GDK and antialiased
          modes, and SVG scaling and translation semantics (Federico,

	- New convenience functions to render pixbufs to drawables

	- The gtk-doc documentation framework has been fully
          integrated into Gdk-pixbuf.  API reference documentation is
          almost complete, and will be installed in
          $(datadir)/gnome/html/gdk-pixbuf/ (Federico).

Many thanks to Havoc, Jonathan, DrMike, and Arjan for writing the new
image loaders.  Many thanks to Elliot for fixing things here and
there.  Many thanks to Larry for convincing me to do SVG scaling
semantics.  Many thanks to Caribou Coffee for being a nice place to
bring a laptop in and hack.

Happy image loading,


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