Re: libart antialiasing problem

Lyndon Drake wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 09:26:57PM -0800, Raph Levien wrote:
> > Fortunately, if you have a need to work with vector paths not
> > satisfying these constraints, libart has functions (in art_svp_wind)
> > to fiddle with winding numbers. This slows things down a bit (which is
> > why it's not done by default), and currently these functions are not
> > 100% robust.
> Thanks for the info.  This will help a lot.
> I hesitate to ask, but what exactly does "not 100% robust" mean?  As in it
> crashes, or just doesn't quite work properly.

There will be occasional rendering artifacts. Some paths cause more
problems than others, for example, the SVG export from Mayura Draw
really seems to trigger them hard. It used to crash sometimes, but I'm
pretty sure that's gone now.

Fixing these problems is very high on my priority list.


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