Re: zvt questions

> 1. Does anyone have a handy reference to terminal escape codes, especially
>    the ones for colours?

They are the same as xterm/rxvt/konsole/linux console, etc.  Hopefully
there will be a reference at some point, but for now use others.

Generally, for the basic attributes, you have:


Where n is a decimal number:

 30-37 sets foreground colours 0-7, 90-97 set colours 8-15.
 40-47 sets background colours 0-7, 100-107 set colours 8-15.
 1 is bold
 4 is underline
 5 is blink (unimplemented)
 7 is reverse
 22 turns off bold
 24 turns off underline
 25 turns off blink
 27 turns off reverse
 0 resets attributes

You can also combine them in one command, such as


Sets foreground 1, background 4, and bold/reverse.

(I might've got the foreground/background inverted)

> 2. Is there any chance that the matching code in zvt will ever add colour
>    highlighting as well as underline/bold?  This would be really cool for
>    R, as it would let us add nice highlighting of keywords etc.

It might, but the code effort is a less trivial than the current
stuff (it is trivial to invert bold/underline/revrse on/opff, but
to save colours would require a copy of the lines in question).

> 3. Having looked at gnome-genius, the appropriate communication method
>    between R and zvt would appear to be a pipe (given that I really don't
>    want to fork).  Does this seem reasonable?

That really depends on what you're doing.  If you have your own keyboard
event handler, you can get the keystrokes yourself and process accordingly.
Then just use it to output stuff.  I guess it depends on what you
are doing.


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